La Gubanetta – 400gr


La Gubanetta – 400gr

La Gubana is a renowned specialty that originates in the green valleys that the river Natisone crosses, creating a landscape of singular beauty a few kilometers east of Udine.
It is the sweet symbol of Friuli, the gift to wish prosperity and wealth.

The ancient recipe of Gubana handed down over time is faithfully reproduced by VOGRIG also in this format, practical to cut.
Made of leavened sweet dough, wrapped by hand on itself, it contains a rich filling of chopped hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins and pine nuts.
In total the ingredients are 19, amalgamated with ancient wisdom.
The Gubana, which requires three days of processing to be prepared, is left to rise until the classic volume is reached, then placed in the oven.
Cooking takes place at moderate temperature for about fifty minutes.
Absolutely free of dyes and preservatives it maintains unaltered fragrance and goodness for months, if stored in a cool and dry place.

The ideal pairing for this delicacy at the end of the meal is a sweet wine, possibly passito: in Friuli the traditional combinations are with Verduzzo, Ramandolo and Picolit.